Thus fax way of communication has evolved powerfully to prove its prominence in the current computerized world of communication, giving tough competition to its able counterpart the email, when it comes to transferring documents securely! Our online portal is built with sophisticated, user-friendly software that makes faxing services appealing even to the newcomers.

About Our Company


We are the ever-evolving fax services company, ably offering reliable fax services to the society for more than 30 years. Our association with the facsimile way of communication is so profound and endearing that along with the facsimile technology, we have also evolved to adapt to the newer ways of facsimile services, the online fax services, which is our current prominent area of business services, successfully providing comprehensive faxing solutions for everyone ranging from individuals to corporates by carefully understanding their various changing needs and necessities.


Our Mission:


Evolve along with the technology is our mission! The very existence of humankind is the resultant of their capability to evolve successfully to the changing demands of the environment. Since our inception way back 30 years before, we have constantly evolved to adapt to the growing demands of the technology and it is the basic reason for how and what we are today in the online faxing services domain. From fax machines to the internet fax we have never stopped our urge to evolve for the betterment of the society and would certainly continue this forever to offer technologically empowered faxing services anytime and every time in the affordable price practicable, topped with quality customer satisfaction service.


Our core values:




We are always those technology geeks, who believe in transforming the world of communication with our technology-empowered fax services. Our online portal is built with sophisticated, user-friendly software that makes faxing services appealing even to the newcomers. Our customizable software can accommodate itself to modify to your needs, in where you can control your recipients, decide how to get notifications on your fax delivery, where to receive your faxed documents, set-up predefined fax deliveries and so on.




We believe that any affordable service is a happy service and hence we make sure to quote the possible affordable amount for our high-class faxing services. Also, you have the freedom to choose the right package suiting your needs from our number of comprehensive faxing packages, in where you end up paying for what you use rather spending meaninglessly. Productivity Tips from the Busiest People - Video | Fast Company ...


Quality Customer Service


If not for you, we have no better motivation to survive in this business. Whatever is your problem on our faxing services, you can contact us whenever, through our 24/7 customer care service, as our efficient professionals are readily waiting to heed to your concerns and solve them appropriately!