Thus fax way of communication has evolved powerfully to prove its prominence in the current computerized world of communication, giving tough competition to its able counterpart the email, when it comes to transferring documents securely! Our online portal is built with sophisticated, user-friendly software that makes faxing services appealing even to the newcomers.

The History & Evolution of Fax


What is it with the name ‘Alexander’ and the astonishing inventions of the communication sector? Though I don’t practice or promote numerology, all that I can say is, this name has its own significance in revolutionizing the communication sector with two great inventions of all times, which are still actively dominating the world of communication with its evolving methodologies to match with the ever-growing modern era of technology.


Yes, I’m talking about those two Alexanders whose contribution to the world could not be forgotten or forgone until this world and its population remains. The one, Mr. Alexander Graham Bell, the great scientist and the inventor of the telephone, whose invention has evolved throughout the different phases of technology and for now has landed safely in our arms as ever dependable ‘smartphones’.


The other great scientist, Mr. Alexander Bain, whose fascinating invention of ‘Facsimile’ aka ‘Fax’, after dominating the world of communication for a number of years was believed to lose-out its battle against the technology empowered counterpart the email and yet made its quintessential transformation against all odds to embrace the modern technology, by powerfully making its performance alongside the other Alexander’s invention, the smartphone, in the form of simplified fax apps. The faxservices, after having denominated the world of communication through their intended device called the Fax machines, have now proudly transformed to make its presence via the other influential devices of communication sector like the computers and the smartphones to entirely benefit the humankind by overcoming its previous erroneous, uncaring practices.


The Fax services – History and Transformation


The Fax service has come a long way to reach its current captivating trend of online fax services and it’s certainly important to know about its history and evolution to understand its working and contribution to the society and its struggle to prove its mightiness among the other mighty inventions of the communication technology. MAXIMISE YOUR BUSINESS' PRODUCTIVITY: TIPS FOR SMALL ...


The early days


Alexander Bain, the then, clockmaker was also an enthusiastic inventor, who, prior to his invention of facsimile, had even received British patent 9745 for his ‘chemical telegram’ based on the then popularized electric telegraph, which was patented by Samuel Morse in 1837. There was even some legal dispute between these two inventors over the patent right and eventually it was said that the US court’s verdict was favorable to Samuel Morse. Nevertheless, Bain bounced back with the modified invention of his ‘chemical telegram’ in the year 1846, in which he was successfully able to send facsimile images, thus marking the future of facsimile services in the communication technology. This Bain’s facsimile can be called the mechanical generation of facsimile, in which he synchronized the movements of electromagnetic pendulums through a clock to scan the image or message and produce the resultant output as lines on a chemically treated paper. Even though the idea of facsimile, meaning to “make alike” in Latin was quite exciting in those days, when you compare the image quality of Bain’s facsimile with the quality of the faxed images produced today, it was undoubtedly poor.


Bakewell, who worked on improvising the image quality, was able to decently succeed in it and it was Giovanni Caselli, who was able to successfully commercialize the telefax services in the year 1865 long before the invention of the telephone. Further, many scientists contributed towards improvising facsimile offering wireless transmission, color transmission, 2D, 3D transmissions and so on before reaching the telephonic transmission of facsimile using the dedicated fax machines.


The medieval fax machine days


In the year 1964, when the Xerox Company introduced, what considered to be the first commercial fax machine called Long Distance Xerography, the world started to witness the true power of facsimile services. In 1966, the same company introduced the updated, powerful version of the fax machine that could work in tandem with any standard telephone line, transmitting letter-sized documents in about 6 minutes. Within few years, several companies especially from japan, started to introduce various compact models of fax machines and in the year 1980, the first ITU G3 Facsimile standard was introduced by the Japanese company NTT along with another company called KDDI. Over years, these standards have evolved owing to various standards of telephones in different countries and yet, no matter whatsoever, fax has universally served people with its efficient transmission capabilities, thus making the fax machine, the ubiquitous entity of the communicating sector.


The current computerized days


The outdated working model of fax machines was not able to cope-up with the current considerate demands of the computerized era and has to undergo a powerful transformation to overcome all of its previous demerits. Inconsiderate usage of papers, cost-ineffectiveness, inability to ensure anywhere accessibility, time-consuming bulk transmissions, all these paved for the current online faxing services, in where anybody with a decent internet fax services and advanced communicating devices like the computers, tablets or smartphones can fax documents by signing-up for any of the able online fax services.


Online fax services have replaced the telephonic medium of transmitting documents with the powerful web interface making it quicker, safer, more efficient, and more considerate contributing to the greener ways of paperless transmission, thus proving the efficiency and significanceof facsimile, more powerful than ever before! Thus fax way of communication has evolved powerfully to prove its prominence in the current computerized world of communication, giving tough competition to its able counterpart the email, when it comes to transferring documents securely!